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It was a heroic gift of gratitude, offered in response to the tender tribute that the country music community had just extended to him. The annual event, held in the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum’s 800-seat CMA Theater, also honored singer and multi-instrumentalist Charlie Daniels and producer Fred Foster.

The tour for the Foo Fighters ' fifth album, In Your Honor , had both acoustic and electric shows to fit the song variety in that record. Frontman Dave Grohl discussed this with RCA Music Group president Clive Davis , on how "it'd be so cool" if the Foo Fighters were the band that did those different shows that appealed to specific audiences "and they wouldn't necessarily have to go to both", to which Davis replied that "you can do both together". Grohl took this advice when composing his following album. [3] Grohl added that "we didn't plan the new album to be half rock and half acoustic", picking the songs the band considered the best, with "demos which ranged from psycho fucking Nomeansno to sloppy, Tom Petty country to fucking piano-driven songs". [4]

– Phyllis Dillon , Griffith’s peer is one of the Queens of the Rock Steady. Dillon dominated local charts in Jamaica and in the UK with hits  like “Don’t Stay Away”,” One Life to Live”, “Love That a Woman Can Give a Man”, “Perfidia” and “Don’t Touch My Tomato.” Dillon died of cancer in 1994.

Grace Jones - Greatest Hits OfGrace Jones - Greatest Hits OfGrace Jones - Greatest Hits OfGrace Jones - Greatest Hits Of