Various - soulbeat 4

The Tyros4 has 500 styles while the Tyros3 has 450, yet there are 86 new styles listed. How is that possible? Well, there are several styles in the Tyros3 that are not among the Tyros4 presets. If you are trading your Tyros3 for a Tyros4, you may want to keep a copy of these styles. They are listed by category in the table below.

Additional Styles for the Tyros 2 . Yamaha has provided a conversion program, Tyros2 File Converter, to convert styles from the original Tyros and the PSR-9000 ...

The MegaVoices deliver enhanced realism and expression, and are designed primarily for MIDI recording purposes. Since they make special use of velocity switching, with completely different sounds in the various velocity ranges, they are meant not for playing but for programming. For example, a guitar MegaVoice has various specific performance techniques assigned to different velocity ranges – making the voice difficult to "play" in real time (because of the precise velocities needed), but very useful when creating realistic tracks with MIDI data, especially when you want to avoid using several different voices just to make a single instrumental part.